These are calendar-related links to the Jewish months

Rosh Hodesh

Literally, Rosh Hodesh is the head of the month. Naturally, it falls on the first of the month. As with all Jewish dates, the calendar date named the first of any month begine the previous evening at sunset. Evening and morning, one day. Genesis 1.

The “WHY” and “HOW” of celebrating each Hebrew Month:


The Month of Tammuz

On the 6th Sivan, exactly 49 days after the Exodus, the LORD revealed Himself on Mount Sinai. All 600,000 heads of households and their families heard the LORD speak, . 

Following this first revelation, Moses ascended Sinai where he communed with the Lord face to face for 40 days. During that period, God gave to Moases the remainder of the Torah. This date is commemorated in the festival of Shavuot.


The Month of Tishri


Tishrei is the first month of the civil year, and the seventh month of the ecclesiastical year. There are three feasts this month: Blowing of Trumpets (Tishri 1) -—to wake up to goodness of God; Day of Atonement (Tishri 10) —-to remind us that Jesus atoned for all our sin; and Feast of Tabernacles (Tishri 15-21) —-for us to fellowship, enjoy, and live in the presence of the Lord and receive His abundance.